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Become A Christ Follower in Acheson, Alberta, Canada

And that is the kind of attitude that me must have as part of His flock. in Canada Alberta Acheson

That is how much He cares about all of us in Canada Alberta Acheson

What if I told you that throughout the last week you have been under constant surveillance?  That would be a pretty sobering thought, wouldn’t it, to know that every thought process, every word spoken, every action taken was burned into the memory of film?  And then what if I told you that our Media Department had a collection of all of the tapes and that today we would randomly show several of the tapes in in Acheson, Alberta, Canada .  I am referring to the highlights and the lowlights of some lives represented here. Would anyone want to sign up for that?  Any volunteers?

Ed Young says if you are like me you are saying that you would not even entertain that thought.  Well, think again, because every breath we take, every move we make, every bond we break, God is watching.  The Bible says that God is everywhere.  He is not limited by time or space.  There is nowhere in the universe we can go where He is not.  This is known as the omnipresence of God, omni meaning all and presence referring to locality in in Acheson, Alberta, Canada . As you begin to get this picture, that God knows everything, sees everything and is in every location you may be getting a little uncomfortable.  Whoa.  God is everywhere.

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