Join the Christian Walk in the Christian Maturity Trek

Join the Christian Walk in the Christian Maturity Trek in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

Through Home Team I got some really good friends in Canada Manitoba Dauphin

That is how much He cares about all of us in Canada Manitoba Dauphin

That is a bold-faced lie. That didn’t happen. No way. Months and months later LeeBeth began to sit up. Finally she stands up and begins to try to walk in in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada . The walking has the bumping and the bruises and the tears and the Sesame Street Band-Aids. We are always there to pick her up and help her.

The Christian walk in the Christian maturity trek is the same way. “I’m walking now. I’m five months of age and I am Billy Graham.” No, that is a pipe dream. It starts off by sitting, then standing and then walking. And in the spiritual life, you have got bumps, the bruises, the tears and the Band-Aids. This process should not take place alone. You have got to have fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ. You have got to have other people helping you up. You have got to have other people brushing you off. You have got to have other people helping you walk and telling you that it will be OK. Are you involved with a small group of friends, of brothers and sisters, who are helping you along life’s difficult and challenging path. We have got an entire ministry called Home Teams that is designed just for this process. If you want more information about it, just see Nick Olson in our home team booth out in the lobby in in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada . Fellowship, having in common.

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Join the Christian Walk in the Christian Maturity Trek Dauphin Manitoba Canada
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