Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development

Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development in Mitchell, Manitoba, Canada

When we run from God, we run right into God in Canada Manitoba Mitchell

Things are going to get severe as we track along the path that Christ has for us in Canada Manitoba Mitchell

But something kept whispering to me, “I give to you everyday, Deb.  I am making your life better every day in in Mitchell, Manitoba, Canada .  What are you giving Me?”  That is when I learned about the give and take of the relationship.  I was taking an awful lot and I wasn’t giving any.  So, since December, I have really made an effort to give back and to get involved. I do greeting.  I work in the Connection Class.  In the Sports Ministry I started out playing basketball, but they learned that I was not the Ed Young of basketball, so they recruited me to keep score.  I do some outreach, working with the shelter.  That is done through my connection here.

Spiritual growth and spiritual development is getting outside of yourself.  It is serving.  It is loving.  It is sharing.  And it is tossing lifelines.  We have looked at lifelines in the past.  We have heard about lifeline rescue situations in the present.  Now, let’s hit on the future.There are literally tens of thousands of people that we rub shoulders with week in and week out who are drowning.  They are desperately treading water and their arms are getting heavy; they are sucking down salt water and trying to use floatation devices that quite frankly, aren’t working.  Money isn’t doing it.  Fame isn’t doing it.  Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t doing it.  Relationships aren’t filling the void.  Something is wrong in in Mitchell, Manitoba, Canada .

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Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development Mitchell Manitoba Canada
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